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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Cup Full

If you've listened to The Tendin Two Momcast then you know my motto, "Fill Your Cup First". Any and everyone else gets the overflow. It may sound selfish at first but if you prioritize you, you have the ability to give everything your best. Not your half, or your tired. When you're refreshed you make better decisions and are more pleasant to be around.

Self care is so 2019 buzzword. Let's face it; it can be exhausting. Making sure we have the money, the time, the tools to do the things that bring us peace can be quite the task. Add in a pesky pandemic and things can get careless fast. Monday hits and it's work, home school, homework, school work until Friday night. Saturday hits and we are all Zoomed out. The kids are wired and need an outlet too, but so do you. Squeezing yourself into your schedule may be the last thing on your list. Let me be the 1st to tell you.... STOP! YOU should be the place you start.

Here are my favorite ways to decompress, at home, with things I already have.

5. Lock yourself on your room!

Turn on your favorite tunes. You can blast Biggie or a low ballad to adjust your mood. If my Alexa Echo could talk, she'd tell you DMX gets more play in my house than Baby Shark. 10 minutes is just enough time to catch your breath and regroup before sharing air with someone else.


Cleansing breaths are so benefical for a variety of reasons. Take a few moments to review this article, How To Reduce Stress . Stick these tactics in your back pocket for moments were you are about to boil over. You don't have to go anywhere, you can do breathing exercises any and every where.

3. Draw a bath!

This isn't a scrub a dub bath for your body as much as it is for your soul. Play some tunes, light a candle, pour a glass of wine. Check out this neat tray, and other cool items from my Amazon Bathroom Oasis list to transform your bathroom in your own slice of heaven. Bring your iPad and favorite snack and soak those muscles and catch up on your favorite show.

2. Disconnect from the outside.

Plug up the electronic devices up and walk away. It's bad enough we have what feels like chaos inside our home. We compound that with the news, the weather, the endless stressors on social media and it's a recipe for mental disaster. Find a physical book or magazine. Put up that puzzle that you started or that quilt you were crocheting. Do something other than scroll with your hands. Your mental will appreciate it.

1. Take it to the cross!

Lay those burdens down chile! We aren't in this alone. Find time to stay diligent with prayer/meditation. We carry so much metaphysical weight on a daily basis. Take regular breaks to acknowledge your situation with God and yourself. Whether it's saying grace or an hour in your prayer closet, make that time to refill your cup.

Making the time for yourself is what you and your family deserves. Carrying the load fulltime isnt practical or healthy. #FillUpYourCup

Follow me @ Tendin2 on social media outlets and let me know your Top 3 ways to destress. Did any of these help out?

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