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A Few Of My Favorite Things: Hotel Denim

Valentine’s Day weekend seems to always be eventful. This year, as usual, in central NC, we get our annual Winter Weather storm. The days preceding were gloomy and cold so nothing different was expected. The lights had been flickering all day the day before so we charged all our gadgets and gathered our snacks. Sure enough, the power to our whole area went out at dusk. As a self proclaimed survivalist, I jumped at the chance to build a fire in the fireplace and drag out all the candles. We had just eaten before the power went out so our bellies were full. I had homework so I just kept reading my World Music assignment and the boys watched Gumball and somebody. After a few hours, the fire died down and we retired for the night.

We made it to sunrise! Waking to the sunlight, but still no power and considerably colder, we bundled in our blankets and enjoyed our cold cereal. Our day of love turned cold very quickly so we built another fire. Apparently the fireplace or the universe wasn’t having it. Nothing would catch, or flame so cold we stayed. Around 10 Jax started to come to reality and it’s went downhill fast. The 1st 24hrs were smooth sailing. The 2nd tested the boys and they surely didn’t pass.

Checked the power company’s app for power restoration and midnight was the ETA. Oh brother! I started searching for places close by that had power and came up with nothing. The boys and I packed up and headed out into the weather to find food. We settled on our favorite place Sticks & Stones, a clay oven pizza spot near UNCG. After filling our bellies with pizza, chicken tenders and mac & cheese we headed out to find a hotel to stay because it was just too cold to go back home.

My first thought goes to Hotel Denim, a place where I’ve grown fond of Happy Hour a few times a month. Hotel Denim was a cool, kinda new spot in midtown Greensboro. An eclectic blend of blues and greens, this neat space is rich with local history. Formerly the Battleground Inn, this fresh retake is another project that remembers the textile giant, Cone Mills, that Greensboro was founded on. Once inside, the artwork catches your eyes. Bold colors and murals paint the walls of the inn. Paintings by locals artists, newsprint and photos of the mills decorate the 4 story relic and you instantly feel at home.

Check in was easy, since I used my Priceline VIP account to book. To my pleasure, I got two tokens for complimentary drinks at the bar. Pour Up! We ascend to our top floor room and is instantly amazed at the sight. A King Standard, included an awesome working corner. The decor is specific and intentional. A modern, clean yet classy style of the familiar blues and greens, is an example of the luxury that I adore. This isn’t your bland, big chain hotel.

First things first , homework. I pull out my Macbook and school books. Can't risk my GPA for a little ole power outage. Thankfully, the boys were occupied with fun things like heat and electricity, something they haven't had in an eternity (lol).

As they settled in and we started charging all of our now dead gadgets, I sneak away to the lobby. Making good on my drink tokens, I chose the moscato. I grabbed an extra drink, one of their signature cocktails, the Old Fashioned Denim. It’s one of my favs during Happy Hour and didn’t disappoint. I got some chips, salsa and guac and curled up on the comfy velvet sofa. Amidst the chaos outside, I got in a movie and some quiet time away from the boys, who were just a few floors above.

#MeTime comes to an end and I retire to the room. Upon opening the door, I am pleasantly taken back by the decor. Similar hues of greens and blues, the room decor doesn't disappoint. A much more upscale, modern look than its predecessor, the room was like something from a magazine. The King Standard included a cool sitting corner, that I immediately fell in love with. Cool LED lights trimmed the tv stand. A hand steamer in place of the iron. An espresso maker, Lavazza, where the coffee make usually lives.

One of the coolest things was the bathroom. In Black, White & Gold, a stark contrast to the colorful tones of the rest of the room. Smelling like a fireplace, I decided to take advantage of the toiletries from Beekman1802. Full sized bottles were fixed to the shower wall, making for a simple, refreshing shower. The white marble and sliding doors were the perfect tones for a peaceful mood. Wrapping up in my denim robe was the closure I needed to end an eventful day. I was ready for bed!

Speaking of the bed. This king mattress on a custom platform is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on. Perfect firmness and the duvet was so soft and welcoming. The down pillows were too soft for my liking but I didn’t wake up with a crook in my neck so I suppose that’s not too bad. Dressed with a simple denim jacket style decor pillow tied the whole room together.

To say I’m pleased with my stay would be an understatement. I love finding the jewels in my city and this is definitely one that will get all my staycation funds. I can’t wait to come back and hang out, get drinks and wear jeans. The entire staff is amazing every time I walk through the doors. When in doubt, wear DENIM.

*This is not a paid/sponsored post*

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