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Balancing The Business

Just as our lives need balance, so do our businesses. Our efforts should be equally distributed throughout the tasks of the business. Finance, Marketing, Customer Service and Production all play their role in our success. Managing them equally will ease the stresses of sole proprietorship.

Time Management is a key factor! Scheduling time for each task is basic planning. Being intentional with your plan is a step in the right directions. Set priorities and automate the things that you can such as emails, social media posts and responses. One big tip I always try to remember is to refrain from "multitasking" To do two things at once is to do neither- Publilius Syrus.


"To do two things at once is to do neither" - Publilius Syrus


Your business finances are just as important as your personal, if not more! Your bookkeeping and accounting need to be on point for so many reasons. First of all, who wants to be worried about taxes? I know I don’t. Make sure that you are practicing reliable records so when it’s time to file, it’s no pressure. Secondly; looking for capital. If you need capital to scale up, your books and a solid record of history to prove the value of investment. Don’t get caught lacking! Use apps or programs that link your bank account and will automatically pull data to help create documents and reports for accounting. If self management isnt your forte, hire a pro. Your business will thank you.

Marketing is so much more than social media posts. Your brand kit, the language you use play a part. Doing constant analysis on trends, understanding how to use market data, SEO and doing analysis on your posts and traffic are so important and be quite overwhelming. Honestly, this was the hardest for me, outside of finances. One thing I had to do was to craft what I wanted SheenBalla to look like, to sound like and to act like in the various places that you see it.

Last but not least, work-life balance. Just as each operational aspect needs balance in your business, so does your business in respect to your life. Burn out is a real thing and can cause major derailment in your productivity. Plan in time for yourself and your family with as much passion as you do for your business tasks. You will appreciate it and so will your loved ones.

A solid plan for your business tasks will make your experience as an entrepreneur worth while. Look into local resources from the Chamber of Commerce, the Community College or your state's center for small business. Be sure to take time for yourself and your family to remain motivated to prevent dreaded "burnout".

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