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Quarantine Academy: Our Homeschool Approach

Updated: May 26, 2020

Let's face it. At this point we are all feeling the effects of #StayHome #StaySafe.

When this first started, it was so exciting. Our family created "Momtessori Prep", our home academy of excellence. We took the time to set up our classroom, get school supplies, and set up a schedule. Having structure definitely helped us stay sane the 1st few weeks. Check out our weekly plans!

I tried my best to keep engaged and made sure to have a plethora of activities for us to do. Supporting our local businesses is imperative to me so we took advantage of as many programs as we could. We did a virtual cooking class with Triton Catering, we ordered canvases and paint from The Mad Platter and participated in the Front Steps Project with one of our favorite photographers, Jen Yancey. Week 2 consisted of a nature walk on a local trail, easter cookies from Delicious Bakery and a picnic with Pita Delite.

We are a month in and I'll be honest, it's getting tough. We had a full schedule to begin with. I've a full time job and a full time student myself. I also run SheenBalla full time, and also create content for my websites and podcast, Tendin Two. The boys are missing school and their friends. Jax's class did a Zoom call which really lifted his spirits.

Mom's Lessons Learned

1. Listen to your family

No one knows your family like you do. Pay attention to their moods, and feelings. Everyone is going through this their own different way.

2. Listen to your body

Our bodies are accustomed to being out and about. Don't ignore your body's need to move around. Jax and I go for walks and Jalen and I do virtual workouts with A.W.O.L.

3.Listen to your heart

Unless you're a teacher, this is likely new for you. Educators have years of education and knowledge experience when lesson planning and moderating a classroom. Give yourself and your families grace during this time and just do what you can. Your children will appreciate the time more if it is shown with love and compassion. Your family will be closer because of this.

Stay home and safe! Be sure to wash your hands. Most importantly... Have fun!

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