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The Tie That Binds

What is marriage? Marriage is defined as a combination or mixture of two or more elements. One special element being the vision that God has for this union. So often we are focused on the physical & financial benefits of marriage, that we ignore God and the place that he has in it. We often think of it as a union between two people when we should look at it as a partnership to accomplish God's mission. We enter these arrangements 50/50 or even 100/100 in the respect of our partner yet eliminate or abandon our own purpose. The sole reason that we are here.

Allowing ourselves to be so wrapped up in love & the idea of becoming one that we forget that God works in threes. It’s still a Trinity for lack of better words; God, you and your spouse. The mission that you each are tasked with to complete should be on the same track. Your spouse should be an asset to the journey and a critical part of the mission. This is a lesson that I have learned the hard way. I found myself on a different path and had to ask myself two questions:

Number one: "Is this who God intended on me being with?"

Number two: "Am I acting in accordance with what God has planned for me?"

We must stay true to our purpose and keep our relationship with God in the forefront. Just because you’re married to someone doesn’t always mean that it’s a blessing from God or that he intends to bless it.

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