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Twisted Twenty One

Well, needless to say Natural Nineteen was a success. From Feb 2019 to July 2021, I grew my hair out to 12 inches. Maintaining my tresses with routine maintenance was pretty painless. I tried rice water, wash sets with cream, two strand twist and the occasional blow out. Sprinkled in few sewins and braided styles for protective styles. I tried to maintain a balance and some variety with free and protected hair. Braids held me down and my accountability partner turned bestie making me wash it on time, every time. That’s the recipe.

Outside opened and the boys and I went to FL for Spring Break. Wanting something easy and water tolerant, I opted for butterfly locs. Of all the styles I’d ever worn, this style really made me feel different. I loved the ease and minimal care needed to maintain this gorgeous style. Weeks went on and I tried my usual range of styles but my heart missed the locs. Here at a pivotal point in the journey, I’m like ”what’s next?” I’ve gathered a list of growing pains similar to the one that prompted me growing my hair out. Do I cut it? How can I keep the length of my hair yet make it more mangeable as a whole. I have a good 3-4 hair patterns and at least 2 cowlicks that make it a struggle to maintain a decent style without a lot of manipulation.

Locs. I thought if some people that had recently started their loc journey. It has been a pleasure to see how they have impacted or influenced them and other‘s, like myself. I researched different starter methods, talked it over with some friends and really had a heart to heart with myself and my hair. Here is another commitment it needs. But it’s my hair and I love me some hair.

Deciding on locs wasn’t as hard I I thought it would be. I am still able to wear a variety of styles and keep it fairly hands off. I love getting my hair done and I’m terrible at doing it. I took it back to the basics and made my appt with Salon Crie. Sound familiar? It’s the same salon that cut my hair to begin Natural Nineteen. I trust Amina and Safira with my hair’s life! The atmosphere is always amazing and their products are made in house. A dream come true. We did the consultation upon arrival and we got to work. Because my hair is so different all over, Safira started with a mixture of plats and 2 strand twists. The parts are equal, C shaped parts all over. I really liked that pattern and was happy she preferred it.

Right under 2 hrs later, I spin around to the mirror and yeahhhh…….. As with any major change or foundation style like starter locs or a haircut. I got what I wanted and now the waiting begins. Patience is my forte so I think the next few months will be ok. On the ride home, I flash of doubt enters my mind. It’s just a wash away from being back to “normal”. I made up in my mind that I was now #locnation so I have to act accordingly. I got home and threw away ALLLL my hair products. Bagged them up and hauled them into the dumpster. I was immediately excited for the extra room under my cabinet. Quitting hair ”cold turkey” was fun and necessary.

Take Aways from my appt

No washing for 4-6 weeks

No manipulation

Keep them twisted

No heat

I’m going to keep it under a bonnet or hairnet with possible. This week I’ve refrained from getting it wet or wearing it out for very long. I retwisted a few that come undone.

Week 1 to 2 was still pretty exciting. By this time I had played with it so much that it was unraveling. My friend and salonmate helped me retwist the ones I couldn’t see. I’d gotten a million pieces of advice by now and one that really stuck was an tip that suggested using honey. I spread a very small between my thumb and index finger and used it to twist the ends of the really problematic ones. It helped to keep them together. Week 3, I kept it tied up using colorful hairnets and scarves. A few days I wore a head wrap or hat. Going to keep it pinned and covered until my appointment during my 5th week. Excited to see it’s progress in a month.

I set up an appointment during my 5th week. Excited to see it’s progress in a month.

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