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What About Your Friends!

My girlfriends and I do a monthly brunch and rotate amongst our homes. This month it was my turn and I’ll admit I was a little bummed. Having to do group activities while social distancing has been challenging. Taking a lesson from the corporate world, I decided to get a Zoom account.

Anxiety shows up for me as creativity or sleep and it’s up to me to choose what to do with it! So I got creative.

Knowing I couldn't cook for my friends was a little devastating. It's close to Easter and all the basket stuff is available so I decided to make "Brunch Baskets".

I took my talents to the Dollar Tree and about $40 later we had us a brunch!

Easter Baskets

Basket Grass

Chocolate Bunnies

Bunny Ear Headband

Inspirational Candle

Face Sheet Masks

Handwritten Notes

I then headed to the grocery and picked up a 6 pack of Minute Maid OJ & a few 4 packs of Barefoot Spritzers.

I assembled and plotted my next move. The morning of the brunch, I, The Brunch Fairy, got up early and dropped a basket off to each girlfriend and sent them a fun graphic to let them know they had been "brunched". I sent the Zoom invite and 2 hours later it was our normal gags and giggles, bunny ears included.

Use this time to think out of the box and create fun ways to stay connected to your friends and family. As we advance into the 2nd+ month, human contact is going to be imperative. Get creative. #StayHome #ConnectedTogether

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