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Shout Out to The Show Up

Reflection has been the name of the game this week. Anxiously approaching my birthday, I booked my entire week to do things I’d never done. Tuesday we celebrated by decorating my favorite place, Soul Space, and I hosted an awesome live broadcast with a friend. Wednesday was prep mode for one of my biggest speaking opportunities to date and I was so ready to go.

As I’ve grown as a sole proprietor, I’ve learned a valuable lesson in social interaction, the purpose of a tribe. It’s imperative to have a solid crew that keeps you in check. It’s one thing to see what someone is doing but it’s a whole different ball game when you show up for them.

When you show up, you provide an instant safe space for them. In a room full of strangers, one familiar face can make all the difference in someone's anxiety level. Imagine the confidence boost you get when all your friends show up for you. Give that same boost back.

Showing up also gives you the chance to give feedback. Anything that is trying to improve, needs review and feedback. Being able to be in the same place at the same time means that you can feel the energy, read the other participants and see your friend/partner in action. You can later give valuable feedback and encouragement to help them to improve.

I make a point to show up, as much as I can, for the people and businesses that I support. Showing up feels good and is always an amazing opportunity to nourish my tribe.

Hats off to those that show up!

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