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The Lemon Life

When Life Gives You Lemons; Make Lemonade

Lemons are sour and bitter alone but what about all of the other awesome things you can do with lemons? Lemon Meringue pie, natural cleaners, candles; all of the great things you can make are limitless. Lemons are just a part of the process.

Let's face it, there are going to be roadblocks and set backs in our lives, relationships and business. It's easy to sit and stare once you are thrown off track. Think back to what you were doing before the roadblocks. Consider roadblocks you've conquered in the past. Now consider what your processes were. When you hit obstacles, revisit past winnings and apply.

Take time out of every week to plan. Planning is a physical reminder of the process and a tangible way to break down your goals to make them easy and digestible. Breaking down your plan is like eating a slice of pie rather than the whole thing at once.

We are taught to "trust the process". But to trust you must believe. If you don't believe in the process or in your ability to execute it, then your lemonade won't make it too far.

Recipe for sweet success:

  • Don't stay stagnant.

  • Form a plan and act on it.

  • Set intentional goals. Filling your calendar with busy work is counterproductive.

  • Celebrate your wins!

Stay on path and find new ways to use the "lemons" that life will surely provide. If if gets to be too much, add some vodka!

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