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A Few Of My Favorite Things: The Artmore Hotel

It's My Boy-Free Weekend! I begin to plan for my latest trip to Atlanta and I considered all of the big hotels. A few weeks ago I stayed at Hotel Denim, a cute little boutique hotel in Midtown Greensboro, North Carolina. Midtown Atlanta is a place that I’ve started to frequent when I come in to town so I started looking for boutique hotels in Midtown. I stumbled upon the cutest, quaintest hotel in Atlanta’s Cultural Arts District called The Artmore. Using my Priceline VIP account, I got a really great rate and booked for three nights.

Nestled on the busy Peachtree St, arriving at the hotel is like walking into a whole different place. It puts me in the mind of Italy or some foreign European country where everything has a courtyard and people just sit and enjoy each other’s company in the middle of the square. In the center of the courtyard there’s a fountain and a fire pit all in one contraption. The cobblestone paving opposite the stringed lightning is such a classy touch. I thought it was really cool and it made for some beautiful nights.

Check in was extremely simple. The staff made it very easy to check in, understand where to park and the rules. As I pass through the lobby, I notice the updated decor. Very modern and cool, it’s a nice touch to an old look. It set the tone for the remainder of the stay and was a great segue from the old ness of the bldg. As I journey down the hall to my room, I’m pleased to see the walls lined with famous pics and quotes from pop culture. Really eye catching prints and a corresponding quote or lyrics really set the mood for fun.

Enter the room and it’s not exactly what I expected but I’m simple to please. As I unpack I hear a noise from outside. They are doing construction beside the hotel. Most of the noise is fine but this high pitch one, I just can’t do. I explain to the front and they switch my room. Gathered my things and move over. I got The Carter’s Room 😍 (my name for it). Meeting me at the door was a pic of Jay Z & Beyoncé with a quote from the On The Run and a neat little doorbell (that works). Ironicall, I’d been listening to The Carter‘s album on the trip down so i was a little shook at the coincidence.

I walk in and this is definitely more like it. King bed in the center with a huge portrait of a rose. Just my style! To my right is a large, modern bathroom. A sitting vanity and the giant shower were my favorite parts. Back into the room and the fridge and microwave are tucked behind a bar. It added a really neat touch to the room.

I want to take a sec to express my gratitude for the shower. I’m a veteran so wash and go is my usual method of showering. This shower was huge. The rain shower head made for great coverage. The hot water is instant and thorough. I took 3 long hot showers every day and not sure if I can go back. The acoustics were amazing and am so sorry to anyone who had to deal with my shower singing.

The parking is to be expected for a building of this age in this location. A tight, cramped little parking deck indeed but was easily maneuverable in my mom’s little compact car. A quick trek up the stairs and I was right to my room. One thing to note is that the Valet fee is $15 a night. It’s not listed anywhere and I wasn’t even aware of the fee upon checking in, only after my receipt was provided. There was an additional fee of $8 a day, PIF fee. Totaling $72 in hidden fees so beware when booking via third parties.

Overall, I loved it. It’s in a great location; walking distance to the museum, Nan’s Thai & DaVinci's Pizzeria. Being right off the highway, it’s simple to jump on and explore Atlanta. It’s clean and the staff was awesome, which is important to me, especially during COVID. It’s definitely not your big brand hotel but what you lose in amenities you gain in experience and charm.

Be sure to subscribe as I continue finding cool boutique hotels in the South and find me on Trip Advisor as I review the a few of my favorite things!

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